Anthropologists see that humanity has evolved through three ages; first, the mythical age, then religious age, then the scientific age we are witnessing now. The mythical age thousands of years before the coming of Jesus Christ, has witnessed the childhood of time. Thomas Carlyle once said, “The history of the world is but the biography of great men.” It is through those “great men”, past and present, that history has meaning. Likewise, those great men or myths give life its meaning. Without them life is meaningless. The myths were created in the mythical age, thrived in the middle ages and ridiculed in the scientific age. In our age of reason we look at myth as an antithesis of reality. We are bombarded with those who tell us that “such and such a thing is a myth, while truth is….” But the consequences of this were that we went far away from our hearts and attached more to our minds.

The reality is that by destroying the myth; you are intentionally or unintentionally, destroying the meaning of life itself. And the meaning is locked in the heart. The story goes on and on with the rational pundits of our time advising us of how to live happy body, mind, and soul. There is no indication here or there to the heart where love, arts, and festivities of life lie. No wonder then, our pundits are preaching us of how to control fear; how to eliminate fear instead of preaching us of allowing heart to blossom. Fear is the absence of love; absence of the heart; absence of the myth.

The “great men” Carlyle talked about has no fears. Our present myths, the ones you can see their faces when scrolling this page down, are transformative figure in sports, politics, economics, business… etc.

They are myths in the truest sense of the word.

The soul won’t shine without the beauty of the heart. The heart is the pathway to the soul. Being conscious is directly related to your heart. The heart is the bridge between your mind and your soul.

The science of transformation can be traced back thousands of years ago to Ancient Egyptians. The word alchemy is derived form an Egyptian word, “chem” or “qem”, which means black – indicating the mud deposits bordering the Nile River. Out of this mud a beautiful lotus flower emerges. It is perennial, grows to 45 cm in height. Though lotus is emerging out of this mud, it is not attached to it; it is no longer part of the mud; still, it won’t be able to grow without this mud. The lotus flower, according to Ancient Egyptians, is a symbol of rebirth and regeneration.

This symbol is but a myth. Man needs to be evolved emotionally in order to be really transformed. We are human beings – not human doings or human relating. Being a truly human being entails understanding and balancing the 4 dimensions of our being: our physical being, rational being, emotional being, and spiritual being. Spiritual being is the reward of balancing and harmonizing the other 3 dimensions.

In order to for each of us to be all of one piece, the split got to be terminated. The transformation got to be whole and radical. We need to move to our hearts and listen to it more than we do to our minds. By virtue of mind, all sciences were discovered, but knowing and transforming cannot be done through mind but through your heart. The mind is qualified to deal with the outer world, while the path to the inner world can only be reached through heart. The mind is capable of knowing a lot about stars, atoms, planets but incapable of knowing the inner world. The mind starts with doubts to reach certainty, while heart trusts through and through. The mind finds comfort in order and in the predictable while heart revels in the unknown. The mind, which lives in the future, has nourished our ego. It is that ego that strives to reach the moon but not yet ready or willing to reach our deepest essence.