About CallmeNeo

Story Behind CallmeNEO

The dictates of society are something similar to the concept of the Matrix movie. The movie suggests that we are all living in a world set by system that keeps people organized and under control. But to get out of this prison is not an easy task. The hero in the movie is called Neo. He aspires for not only getting out of the prison himself, but helping others get their freedom. But to put such a concept into a down-to-earth practice, a methodology needs to be adopted. It’s not a quick-fix and cosmetic change but rather a deep transformation that comprises your whole being: Body, mind, heart, and soul.

So, what does this story thing have to do with thriving as an aspiring entrepreneur? Plenty. Each and every blog tells you one missing piece of the story of new businesses failure to manage and sustain their dreams.

Story Behind Lotus Flower

The photo of the Lotus flower at the top of my homepage is quite significant. It sums up beautifully your transformation journey. All the entrepreneurs you will be encountering throughout my blogs are people who “grow great” not “Born great.” Each one was his own invention; each is a manifestation of the Lotus flower; more importantly, each one persists in the face of setbacks. The visual of the Lotus flower that grows out of mud can be likened to those flowering entrepreneurs. By the time they rise out of mud and became a lotus flower, their achievements became an inspiration to others. They have found out their gift and what they are made of. In the process of growing to be a lotus flower, they refused to be dictated by the rules of society.

Creator of CallmeNEO

Tareq Alaghoury has more than 25 years of experience in Marketing and Management. Tareq started out his marketing career in 1990 at Alkhaleejiah - a leading publishing Establishment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Alkhaleejiah was the sole advertising representative of highly circulated and leading Newspapers and magazines in the Middle East such as Alsharq Al-Awsat Newspaper, Arab News and Sayidaty.

In 1994, Tareq joined Americana Advertising Agency, associated with DDB Needham in Cairo serving regional and local brands in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In 1997, he joined Look advertising agency- associated, back then, with Lintas Advertising where he served global accounts such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Oriflame.

In 2001, Tareq joined Dream Media Company in Cairo, as Marketing Director of Dream1 & Dream 2 TV stations.

In 2004, Tareq was in charge of the Marketing Department at Dar Al Fouad hospital in Cairo - Associated with Cleveland Clinic.

Regionally, Tareq was part of a restructuring team from 2008 to 2012 at Al-Madina Press Establishment in Jeddah, KSA – owner of the leading Saudi newspaper Al-Madina Newspaper. Tareq was in charge of the Sales and Marketing department.

In 2013, Tareq was in charge of the marketing department at Delta Media Company, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he served big accounts such as Saudi TV and others.

Tareq now runs his own business as an owner and Managing Director of Holistic Communications in Cairo, Egypt. Academically, Tareq holds a Master's degree in Business – Major Marketing – from Columbia Southern University, USA. Also, an author of a leadership book called "We are all Einstein"; the book was published in the year 2000.