How Expressing Yourself Is The Road To A Rewarding Life

Posted in Personal Branding On Jan 31, 2019

Falling in love with your own creation is the road to your creative expression. Such self-love  of yourself will come about through your experiences. You first let things happen to you without denying or even disagreeing with them. You open your senses uncritically to what happens to you. Expressing yourself, not denying yourself, will help you by time make your own masterpiece.

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Upon denying yourself, your natural gifts go unexpressed. The consequence is that you will feel uncomfortable. Even worse, when you keep on denying being uncomfortable, you become, anxious, depressed and ill. The denying thoughts that come out of your mind trigger the bad feelings. Thoughts such as, “Who I am to express my experiences in public;” “who will be interested in what I have to say.” And the list goes on.

When you express yourself fully and adequately, a sense of peace prevails upon you. Peace comes from your desire to express what ails you. You are now aware of the bad feelings that you have, you go a deep step and examine the destructive thoughts that trigger that feeling. You take the responsibility for resolving that tension and refuse to blame others for what you’ve been through. You resolve to solve your problem which is the same for thousands even millions on the planet. Your expression is an art in itself. This expression is what helps Leonardo da Vinci  make the Mona Lisa, Michelangelo make memorable statues, and what helped Einstein come up with the relativity.

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Our symbol of self-expression is one of the most talented football strikers on earth, Zlatan Ibrahimović. His full self-expression made many journalists accuse him of being arrogant. Yet, Zlatan cares less for others’ criticism. He never denied what pains him be they his opponents, team members or even referees. He knows that to ignore something or deny expressing it will have a detrimental effect on your health.

Zlatan’s self-expression knows no boundaries. At the age of seventeen, Arsene Wenger, the great former coach of Arsenal Football club, asked him to have a trial at Arsenal, Zlatan expressed his refusal by saying: “Zlatan doesn’t do auditions.” Many criticized him for such blatant expressions, but he always likes to express himself rather than deny reflecting on the events that shape him.

Your creativity is dependent upon your willingness to express than to deny yourself. You won’t be able to create your masterpiece by worrying about what will go wrong or others’ opinions of you. Your expression, by contrast, will help you, by time, master your craft and make your life more rewarding too.

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