You are a True Masterpiece in the Making

Posted in Personal Branding On Sep 10, 2018

Upon desiring to turn your life around a pivotal question follows: How can I create my own reality not anybody else’s? By anybody else’s, I mean those who direct you unconsciously to not to be yourself. Your outside circle of concern has unconsciously shaped you into believing that formulas and quick fixes are a surefire way towards realizing your dreams. The effect of all this is that suffering follows because you led an unconscious life shaped by others and events.

Giving up what is not you is a must in order for the real you to appear and fit in. A first step for your individuality to blossom is to simply list what you don’t want to be. Eliminate the unnecessary stuff that steps in the way of your greatness. Shed the light of your awareness and get rid of the obvious stuff. The treasure was buried underneath the shiny and fake stuff. Your search is needed. Every step you strenuously take is where your treasure lies and no treasure can be compared to your individuality, talent, and authentic self. That’s how you could create your reality.

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Being Born in Tuscany, Italy, the great Artist of all time Michelangelo, was the force behind Italian Renaissance in the 15th century. One of his masterpieces is the towering achievement of the Pieta; the famous statue of Jesus with his mother Mary. When he was commissioned to make the Pieta, he got the feeling that he is on a mission from God. As a meticulous sculpture, he searched for a unique type of stone. He spent months to find and select marble and transport it to the location. Once the marble arrived, he started and labored it for two years till its completion.

When asked about what he feels after completing the deed, Michelangelo said that he was dreaming of making this statue. He recounts that when he passed by the store and saw this piece of marble, he suddenly envisioned Jesus inside of the marble saying to him that he is imprisoned inside this stone and asked Michelangelo to set him free. “Help me get out of this stone; and so I did”. He went on illustrating how he removed all the unnecessary stuff that surrounds the stone and hence Jesus and his mother were free.

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Everyone was brought into this world to achieve something, to fulfill a mission. You are at this time for a purpose, there is no coincidence. The universe wants to achieve something through you. And you got to be aware and present to seize the opportunity when it arrives.

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