How Your Heart is The Fast Track to Manifesting your Dreams

Posted in Transformation On Apr 17, 2023

When conditions change, the way it is now, looking outwards won’t get you to the right destination. Looking inwards, first, will give you the general direction and meaning. Upon clearing on the direction, you can go outwards with a concrete map to organize your steps. You are designed with an internal biological compass. That compass which gives you the right direction is much more than being a muscle that merely pumps around blood in your body. That place is the seat of your consciousness and the place inside from where all your virtues such as love, courage and even life itself, spring. This place is your heart.

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The prime reason for not being able to manifest your dreams is your dependence, solely, on the power in your mind. But your mind is your brain in action. The brain is an indispensable organ for the manifestation of the mind. The internal workings of your brain are your mind. The instinctual parts of your brain feel safe with familiarity and is subject to society’s conditioning. Society has locked you into a rigid self-image of “who you are,” What you do,” and “what you have” in life. Your mind has formed, or better say, borrowed his identity from the people around him; Other’s views of you, which are, mere projections than reflections of who you are. But you are vaster than this narrow view.

The power in your heart is much more powerful than your mind. According to the HeartMath Institute, your heart is an awesome and extensive electro-magnetic field in your body- 5,000 times stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain. Also, your heart plays a dominant role in harmonizing emotional upheaval and the balance between itself, the brain and the central nervous system. This provides you with clarity, emotional stability and resilience than the brain actually does.

Human heart has its own intelligence that far exceeds your mind intelligence. According to reputable studies that measure the untapped potential of our hearts, the mind is actually subject to the heart more than the other way around. Basically, because the heart has an intrinsic brain of its own, known as the “heart brain”. This complex and sophisticated nervous system that consists of around 40,000 neurons called sensory neurites. Such biological built-in system works marvelously and independently to remember, feel, sense, and make decisions.

To find a better way toward manifesting your dreams and desires, you must couple the power in your heart with the power in your brain. As the earth revolves around the sun, so does your brain; it should revolve around your heart. And this can be done through your own conscious living. This needs deliberate practice. This practice is a 3-part exercise that will help you manifest your desires.

The first exercise is Revisiting your Vision. Society’s conditioning has shaped and influenced your self-image. You are confined by the limitations of who you are. Your vision accordingly won’t be empowering due to the constraints of your brain and the tyranny of others’ opinions and projections. What if I told you that you can change that by first asking yourself who you would be if there was no one else to judge you. Close your eyes, go deep into your being and imagine yourself at a future moment in time, having accomplished the goals and desires you envision for yourself. Think of this in terms of hitting an important milestone, reaching your full potential, or realizing one of your life dreams. You are here using your biological compass – your heart.

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The second exercise is conception. Your mind is vital in this stage as it organizes the steps. Write down the details of your “best possible version of you.” Be sure to include answers to this nagging question: what character strengths and skills do you observe in the image of your “best possible version of you?” Once you have envisioned your future self, it’s time to consider your strengths; the attributes that you already have that could help reaching your nearest goal become a reality.

Identifying your strengths can also lead you to potential areas for development. For example, you may have a range of expertise in marketing – strengths – but no qualifications to quantify your skills – weakness. And that’s where the areas for development come into play. In-depth research on what it takes to achieve your goals and materialize your vision is worth pursuing. What kind of skills, knowledge, or qualifications will help you overcome your key weaknesses.

The third exercise is Manifesting. We do all manifest. Still, you have to master the art of waiting for the circumstances to be right. You take action while waiting.  Actually, when taking action, you are influencing events to be in your favor. Ask yourself: what specific actions can I begin to take to set the process in motion? Meanwhile two main values need to be ingrained. The first is having a high sense of self-worth. Because when you stand by your values, you communicate that you have something valuable to offer.

The second value worth ingraining is to manage your energy. It is by being mindful of how high energy is paramount in manifesting your dreams. Instead of focusing on managing your time, think about how can you manage your energy. To be more productive, you need to know how to manage your energy along with managing your time. You got to consider and put into practice the ways in which you can gain more energy. Some of those ways are: to maintain a daily exercise routine; another is to figure out what activities energize you; a third way is to arrange your schedule to suit your energy levels.

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Your heart is your biological compass and fast track towards manifesting your dreams.  Just like our planet earth that revolved around the sun, our brain revolves around our heart. To activate the tremendous power in our heart, we need to diligently run this 3-part exercise consistently. The first exercise is to revisit your vision; the second part, is the conception part; and the third is to manifest from your heart not from your brain.

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