How Productivity is Dependent on Managing your Energy

Posted On Aug 13, 2018

Increasing your personal productivity has a lot to do with managing your energy than managing your time. It is true that managing your time plays a role in productivity.  What is more vital, still, is how to manage this inconsistent level of energy throughout your day. When you look at time, it is finite, measurable and constant. Energy, on the other hand, is infinite, immeasurable and variable. According to the Industrial Age disciplines, Time management was the best determinant of productivity. In this Information Age, it is how you make use of your energy levels that will make you more productive.

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Having been brought up into the belief that time is money, propelled us into making use of every single moment. But how about the quantity and quality of energy available that can make it possible for you to achieve more and more in less time. Your awareness of how to make use of your peak performance time, relax and renew yourself in the low performance time is Key. Time management is secondary to how you will properly manage your energy. The challenge is: how can you propel your highly energized hours to produce best results.

When the former Coach of Roger Federer  was asked during an interview with La Gazzetta Dello Sport  about what sets Federer apart from other great tennis legends, he revealed two main things. The first revelation is that to manage this player is complicated because what Federer needs are very few things that can make him great. But these few things are crucial in making Federer outstanding.

The second revelation about Federer is his “peace of mind and his ability to decompress the pressure.” The coach went on explaining how the rising expectations of the fans never exhausted Federer and let his energy drained. It is through managing his energy levels that makes the difference.

Increasing your personal productivity is determined largely by how you can make use of your energy levels. To be productive, managing your energy should be prioritized over managing your time. Still, it depends on your awareness of how to make the best use of this infinite resource.

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