How to Shift Your Mindset Towards Today’s Real Currency?

Posted On Apr 09, 2018

To know how precious your life is, ask the cancer patient who just learned that he has only few months left to live. Or, watch attentively a boxer who defies a more powerful opponent and needs to be alert in order not to be knocked down. Those will not tell you anything about time or money – they will shock you of how life really is.

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The Industrial Age mantra of “TIME is Money” is not only oxymoron but also terribly misleading. We are caught up and trapped in the perception of Time. Time is the perception, not the reality. Time is yesterday and tomorrow. Time exists only in your mind. Life, on the other hand, is the present moment: the NOW. Because you are controlled and directed most of the time by your mind, your life is dead. When your mind is in control, the real world disappears. The mind controls, thinks, imagines, and memorizes. With the idea of control comes money and time. Benjamin Franklin was a true manifestation of the age of reason, of power, and of mind.

To shift from the perception of Time to the reality of Life, the Heart must be in charge. The Heart knows no controls, no tomorrows, nor yesterdays. The Heart wonders: How can I take care of the present moment in order for tomorrow to take care of itself? The Heart invents tomorrow by embracing and experiencing NOW wholeheartedly. Time is your enemy while life is not. Yesterday and tomorrow bring about worry, frustration, and misery.

The moment you drop this false perception of time and decide to face reality, the real world opens. The mere concept of “TIME is Money” will evaporate as it is a byproduct of the past and the dying Industrial Age. Our present age is therefore Life-Based not Money-Based or even Time-Based as I mentioned in my previous blog.

Hence, forget about Time-Management of the past because Time, after all, is not an object like money to be managed. YOU are the one that got to be managed. Hence the process of the real investment comes into play.

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