How Transformation is impossible without this virtue?

Posted On Feb 11, 2018

 I once listened wholeheartedly to a marketing practitioner talking about how courage is the engine that pushes things forward. He recounted that his favorite professor once asked his class the following question: “Of all the virtues, what is the single greatest one of them all? Everyone started popping out answers: Honesty! Love! Imagination! Integrity! the professor said, “They are all great. But none of them all can be compared with courage. Because if you don’t have courage, the other virtues are worthless.”

The reason I started out today’s article with this story is that now more than ever, a courageous jump on your part needs to be taken. Nothing substitutes this virtue in order for you to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s hard times.

The context we are living in at the moment is unmatched in the whole human history. In Darwin’s theory of evolution, hundred and fifty years ago, he talked about the competition in nature and how this will render us either distinct or extinct. In his own words, he says: “The competition will generally be most severe, as formerly explained, between the forms which are most like each other in all respects.”

Nature, as an economic tool in God’s hands, has created you as a unique human being with a mission of discovering such uniqueness. If two people are alike, so goes the saying, one of them is enough. In brutal and candid words; one of them is superfluous.

Your fingerprint represents God’s way of making such a prodigy that is you. No two fingerprints are the same, and so is your being. The irony is that we take the easiest road: the road of the lemmings. Such a road will lead you to extinction.

To become distinct, a less travelled road needs to be taken courageously. The following are milestones that need to be achieved.

Find the Mission thing

 We have been bombarded with vision. While it is essential for your evolution, it’s not enough. Vision is selfish and subjective when not combined with mission. Mission is what are you capable of doing to make a difference in people’s lives. Nobody can tell you what your mission should be. You got to find out. Mission can’t be invented, it must be detected.

Feel your feelings

 You must listen to your heart. An inward journey is worth undertaken. Your level of awareness needs to be high in order to pinpoint what makes you alive and energized. Catch yourself when you are totally absorbed in what you are doing so much so that you lost track of time.

Honor your Commitment

The circle of your whole being needs to be completed. Your mind should be focused on ordering your body to do whatever it takes to achieve your heart’s deepest desire. You must be aware of the resistance and doubts of your mind. But when your desire is burning and adamant, resistance and doubt will melt away.

The beauty of courage is that it’s emanated from your heart. Your mind is always calculating, fearful, and doubting; while your heart is pure, innocent, and, above all, brave.

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Tareq Alaghoury

Tareq M. Alaghoury is the founder and Managing Director of Holistic Communications where he offers business coaching services and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their brands and move their business to the next level.