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Posted On Jan 21, 2018

A guru was once asked: “Who showed you the way?”

He answered: “A dog showed me the way. Someday I kept watching him. He was very thirsty; he was standing by the water’s edge. The dog was looking fearfully and moving backward as he looks at the reflection of his face on water because he thought there is another dog facing him. In the end, because of his dire need to drink, he got out of his fear and plunges into water, where his reflection disappeared. The dog realized that the barrier was he himself. Likewise, I found that the barriers I was talking about were of my own imagination.”

What does this illuminating story tell us about ourselves? It tells us the following:

  • Listen to the universe. I believe the universe is sending us messages incessantly but the receiver is not equipped to get to the high wavelength of the universe. The source of energy that is driven from the universe is the purest energy ever. To catch this wave of uncontaminated energy, yours should be high. Our low frequency currents of emotions; namely, fear, anger, guilt, pride etc. produce negative emotions which in turn communicates on a lower level of consciousness. Conversely, our higher currents of emotions such as acceptance, love, joy catches only the universe’s higher messages of consciousness. The message that was sent to this guru, like thousands of messages sent to people every day; but the difference is the guru’s receiving spot; that is, his heart. He caught the message and reflected on himself and come out with the painful realization of personal responsibility.
  • Be conscious of your emotions. The emotion of fear that prevents the dog from drinking chilled him and holds him back from experiencing the basic need of any living creature. Fear is a very low frequency current of energy. Only when he is about to die out of thirst, he dived courageously into water and drank. The emotion of fear has been replaced with a higher frequency; that is, the emotion of desire. The guru, being on even a higher frequency of acceptance and love of all creatures, caught the message and relates the thing to his own life.
  • The Ego is the result of reflection. When the dog is about to drink, he saw a monstrous face of another dog reflected on the face of the water. The face is his, and because he doesn’t know himself, he was scared of the terrifying image. We all see reflections of ourselves in the eyes and opinions of others so much so that we are incapable to knowing ourselves. We are brought up from childhood as such. When the mother smiles at her baby, you revel, when she is upset, he is down. The lesson is: you will not know yourself through reflections but through understanding and the light of consciousness. The same consciousness that brought the guru to the final conclusion: Nothing stops him - only he stands in his way.

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