3 ways to regain your freedom in the Matrix Control System.

Posted On Feb 18, 2018

When a well-known dramatist was once asked how life looks like nowadays, he answered wryly:” The world now is a trap; spun by a mighty spider. The tragedy is that this realization comes to you the moment you fell into this trap.” Nice imagery. Still, it holds within the tragedy of humanity nowadays.

There is a growing awareness that we are losing our freedom. The control system has conspired against us. The Matrix movie propagated this concept of the prison that turns us into slaves. One of the main characters in the movie says to Neo – the main actor – that the system is our enemy. The system has imprisoned us and made us lost. But truth is: the system is not your prison, you are the prison.

There is nothing new under the sun. Since the beginning of time, control is the word for whoever wants to govern people. We have been controlled bodily in the Agrarian age – you can get back to how the USA was established by African people. Then in the Industrial age control took another form: mental manipulation. You are indoctrinated and programmed into a set of rules and procedures. Institutions were designed to make you conformist. This cannot be accomplished without being in charge of your mind.

Now that the mind has become the master of your being and a faithful servant of the system freedom is lost. What follows is that values such as love, compassion and peace are mere words.

Freedom is the core of your being, the essence of your soul. In order to regain your freedom, the following principles are to be considered and acted upon.

Shift from Knowledge to Intelligence

Knowledge is food of your brain while intelligence emanates from heart. Most of the knowledge is somebody else’s experience. The system in large, be it educational, financial, societal tends to standardize human beings; hence the concept of globalization takes its shape.

Intelligence, on the other hand, is drawn from your own experience. The source of your uniqueness is due to what motivates and inspires you. Such a spark comes out from the heart.

Shift from Perception to Awareness

 Our perceptions were formed through repetitive messages aimed at keeping us obedient and predictable. Awareness is being the witness, the unchangeable center of your being. Your body changes in shape by time; your mind decays or improves by time; your heart ranges from positive to negatives emotions and vice versa. Only your awareness is the changeless observer.

Shift from Being Victim to being Victor

To be a victim is to embrace the idea of conspiracy and that I am acted upon. Condemning the external forces is an excuse for not being in charge of your destiny. The victor mentality works from another perspective. While he is aware of the conspiracy, he is driven from within to find his purpose in life. Such awareness helps him respond proactively.

The key is to understand that what inhibits your freedom is not the prison out there but the one in here.  Acting on this understanding will empower you to take charge of your life and your destiny.

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