The One Thing to break out of your comfort zone

Posted in Personal Branding On Mar 12, 2018

The story of the frog and boiling water tells us what we need to know about the underutilized power that we all have. The story that was basically an experiment runs as follows: when you have a pan of hot water and drop a frog into it, the frog will jump out. But take a pan of cold water and put that same frog into it and sit it to simmer on the stove. The frog will enjoy the process turning the water from being cold to warn to finally boiling. It won’t leap out as it doesn’t notice the gradual heating. This story tells us about the gradual change that creeps into our life unnoticed. The frog got blindsided by the environment it is in.

The same is true for all of us. We got complacent and seduced by our comfort zone. The context is shifting to the point that we need to step out of our comfort zone so as not to meet the same destiny as the frog. How the economic context with the devaluation of the currency might affect your life; how technology and its advancement render us superfluous and make most of the workforce outdated; how the massive layoffs due to the straightened economic circumstances are sweeping the planet.

Let us face it: the root causes of the unpleasant consequences we experience are created unconsciously by us. Our habits create our reality. The problem is that things that happen through us happen on autopilot: unconsciously. Where we are today is the result of the unconscious decisions and habits that we’ve made in the past. The comfort zone is, then, of our own making. It lulls us into feeling that we have been taken care of.

There is nothing we can do now about our life except to raise our AWARENESS. Being aware of the constant shifting of the macro environment as well as updating our micro being accordingly.

To be aware of the micro being or the frog that needs to get out of the complacency and challenge itself by getting out. Staying inactive in such environment is detrimental to well-being. Being aware brings light to what’s going on and drives you to choose; to make things happen.

To be aware of how your mind is running the show. The dictatorship of the mind over body and heart breeds doubts and complacency. Your awareness should be watching and directing your whole being otherwise our habitual behaviors will control over our conscious choice.

To be aware of how reinventing yourself is inevitable. The process of reinventing yourself won’t be easy as it starts with being uncomfortable to being messy to reaching fulfilment. Challenging yourself entails you to dig deep into yourself to reach your potentials. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is one of those who reinvented themselves. He transformed himself through continually evolving and staying relevant. Never been complacent with what he has achieved. He urges every entrepreneur to move fast and break stuff otherwise progress will be out of reach.

Getting out of this comfort zone requires an awareness of the constantly shifting conditions and context and an equal awareness of the power to choose our destiny through reinventing ourselves and staying relevant and updated before it is too late.

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Tareq Alaghoury

Tareq M. Alaghoury is the founder and Managing Director of Holistic Communications where he offers business coaching services and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their brands and move their business to the next level.