How Life Experiences Can Help You Find Meaning?

Posted On Apr 30, 2018

The moment you find meaning in your life is the moment you realize that “God doesn’t make junk.” We definitely do. Nothing in God’s hands is wasted. Your abilities, interests, talents, gifts, personality, and life experiences are not a waste. God has given us all of these because He knows what we will make out of it.

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You have been shaped by your wounds, hurts, and pains. Your past wounded experiences have molded you for a reason. The reason is that God is preparing you for making a difference in people’s lives. To be of service: of value. Albert Einstein once eloquently said: “Try not to be become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” We are here in this universe to achieve a mission which entails fulfilment. In order to achieve that, God equips you with his arsenal of personal gifts and life experiences. 

What is weird is that both gift and experiences are considered a waste. But, the treasure lies in this waste. In fact, your greatest service will most likely come out of your deepest wound. Consider the tragic life of the great musician and Mozart you will understand what I am talking about.

In one of his successful tours throughout Europe, Mozart fell ill with powerful fever. He drifted in and out of consciousness and appeared near death. But after several agonizing months he slowly recovered. That experience wounded his soul.  He lapsed into feeling of melancholy and an obsession of dying young.  When he showcased musical talents of various court musicians in Vienna, he was ordered to stay in Vienna and not to be back to Salzburg. His family refused his move to Vienna so much so that his father deserted him. That experience broke his heart but prepared him for the next level of creative musical outburst unparalleled in the history of music.

Reflecting on your life experiences will help you extract meaning out of your life. To your amazement, you will find that the painful experiences are God’s way of preparing you for serving others and being valuable to humanity.

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