How to be the Best Version of Yourself?

Posted On May 21, 2018

To be the best version of yourself, a soul-searching journey needs to be undertaken. Realizing how we are all created in his image, Prophet and King David praised God for his unique design of man. He says addressing God: “Your Workmanship is marvelous.” David never settled until reaching this “marvelous” version of himself. So should everyone else.

Sadly enough, we settle for aiming low in life. That’s because of life experiences that left marks on us. But life experiences were meant to teach us not to define us. That should be our perspective. The new mindset worth embracing is thinking big of yourself and aiming high.

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Thinking big and starting small is the formula for being the best version of YOU. The American president John F. Kennedy dreamed big when he declared in 1961 that The United States will be putting a man on the moon by the end of 1960s. That was his vision to land a man on the moon. He asked his followers to start now and work on the details. His goal was realized in July 1969 with the successful Apollo mission.

To be a success in any endeavor in life a combination of big thinking, small baby steps and fast learning is mandatory. To think big, you don’t need a thousand customers to start with. You just need a tiny and small step to create momentum.

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Think about Facebook, Google and KFC empires. Facebook starting point was a simple page and a bit of random codes. Google’s springboard was a research paper talking about a ranking algorithm. KFC’s more than 30,000 outlets worldwide were but a new beginning of selling its secret recipe to only five restaurants. Think about million potential customers, but act now with getting the first five ones.

A life worth living is one that drives you to be the best version of yourself. It starts with believing in your uniqueness, thinking big, acting with what is available and learning and adjusting throughout the journey of life. Now, work on the details!

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