The One Trait That Connects All Successful Entrepreneurs

Posted On Jun 18, 2018

The one trait that connects all successful entrepreneurs is passion. Throughout his 60 plus years in broadcasting, Larry King has interviewed more than 60,000 celebrities. What strikes him the most is a common trait that characterizes them all. That trait is their drive and passion. That passion is the underlying motive behind every breakthrough in life. It’s the passion that led the legendary bank robber Willie Sutton to steal banks. When captured, he was asked: “Why do you rob banks, Willie?” he dryly replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Still, that kind of passion we can do without.

Every great leader from early civilization to the present day was a passionate dreamer. Thomas Edison’s passion was inventing a lamp that can be operated by electricity. Christopher Columbus’s passion was dreaming of discovering an unknown world. The list goes on and on but the burning desire and the passion to make a difference is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off.

Passion is worthless unless used for improving people’s lives. Starbucks success is attributed to its passion for “building a company that treats people with dignity and respect.” Under the leadership of its founder and CEO, Howard Schultz, passion wasn’t about “coffee” as we might all think; but about the desire to serve and exceed the expectation of Starbucks customers. It matters little what you are passionate about. What really matters is how this passion can improve and transform your employees as well as your customers. That’s what turns your hobby into a thriving business.

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Figuring out your passion in life is a daunting task. Passion is the fuel that moves you forward in life. But to make this passion practical it needs to be based on caring for others and making a distinctive contribution in their lives.

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