How To Find The Missing Piece To Your Success Puzzle?

Posted in Personal Branding, Transformation On Jun 25, 2018

To find the missing piece to your success puzzle, learn from your life itself. Your certificates and academic achievements will barely do that. Solving people problems will help you make success. Heinrich Boll, an awarded Noble prize winner in Literature in 1972, used to say that the way that leads him to his school has taught him more than the school itself. I’ve pointed out in the previous article how Passion is the first missing piece in your success puzzle. But passion is not the only one piece. It’s energizing but not enough.

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Jack Ma, the founder of Chinese E-commerce Empire Alibaba, is passionate about improving the lives of his fellow citizens in China. He kept watching the rising trend of China from exporting to importing. The rise of the Chinese middle class consumers that amount to over 350 million demanded a more satisfying lifestyle products and services. They passionately look for having more authenticated brands than the ones manufactured and distributed throughout China.

To meet this ever-increasing demand for branded products, Alibaba group opened Tmall Global. Tmall is an online platform for local Chinese and international businesses to sell branded goods to consumers in China. It is through such a digital innovation that made China shift from a manufactured-based economy to a service-based one. Tmall has now over 500 million monthly active users.

Through its series of platforms that connect buyers with sellers, Alibaba made a huge difference in people’s lives. It empowers people to sell, to serve and make money in the process. Alibaba’s internet technology has speeded up the e-commerce revolution in the largest nation on the planet.

To find the missing piece to your success puzzle you need to go beyond your passion. Look and search for a problem that needs solving. Working out a solution to your consumers’ problems is the second missing piece of unraveling this puzzle. What’s amazing is that your “Market” is limitless due to the e-commerce revolution and globalization.

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