How to keep your Changeless Core in a Changing World

Posted On Sep 03, 2018

To say that everything changes is part of the truth not the whole truth. The other part that constitutes truth is the fact that nothing changes. Seems contradictory? Not really. your day is a composite of day and night. When you are at night it doesn’t mean the light of day is dead. It is there in the background and it will appear sooner. As a human being, you are not an angel; purely good and innocent, nor even a devil utterly evil. You are both: one is in the foreground and the other in the background.

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When a great pre-Socratic philosopher called Heraclitus said that change is the only constant in life many people agreed. But this is just one side of the same coin. The other side was brought up by another contemporary philosopher called Parmenides who believed that nothing changes. He argued that deep inside each one of us is a changeless core that is impossible to be changed. For me, each one is giving us part of the truth. It’s their Ego that stands in the way and prevents them from seeing the whole truth and the other side of the same coin. At one extreme the outer world is in a state of flux, at the other extreme your inner world is changeless and deep.

Our inner life is governed by a universal law that is similar to the lighthouse in the sea. This law is governed by God’s law. This law is based on set of principles. These principles as justice, integrity, fairness, honesty, and trust are changeless and timeless. You cannot break them; you only break yourself whenever you go against them. Your life is journeying in the sea where the lighthouse shows you the way. When you ignore the existence of this lighthouse and try to uproot it, you will be crashed by its firmness.

Your inner and outer worlds complement each other. While your outer world is constantly changing, your inner world is stable. The outer world is a man-made world created by Hitler, Mussolini, Darwin, Einstein and the likes; the inner world is a God-made world. The outer world is created and supported by your mind; the inner world is created by your heart and soul. Heraclitus changing world is representing science while Parmenides world is the world of religion. The two are inseparable.

To experience a fulfilling life you got to realize that you live in two complementary worlds. Your outer world is changing; your inner world is changeless. To live successfully in the outer world, abide by its laws that are governed by man’s mind. To be happy, stick to the inner and eternal world of God’s timeless law.

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