How to Welcome Change in Times of Chaos

Posted On Aug 30, 2018

The realization that your misery is due to your fear of change will energize you. It is the fear of change that is at the deep root of your misery. The waves of fears of change that come and go tell you that it’s momentary and transient. Change creates fear; but this shouldn’t be that way, as the two – change and fear – will be passing while your essence is not. But life is in a state of flux and so should be your responses to it. Otherwise, you are left behind.

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When it comes to the outer world of change, going with the flow is a sane strategy. The beauty of life is achieved through its state of ups and downs. Be natural and go with the flow of the river – the river of life. It’s insane to fight Nature. Understand first the futility of this fight and upon this understanding accept this fact. Nature tells you to trust her and leap into this lively river. Upon this trust you will find yourself more spontaneous, more relaxed and in consequence more creative.

Our today’s leader who enjoys the journey with its ups and downs is the first cinematic genius Charlie Chaplin.  He was originally born in London to music hall entertaining parents. His mother was sent to a mental institution where she was cured from mental disorders. His father died of alcoholism at the age 37. The little Chaplin spent 18 months in a public boarding school for orphans and destitute children where he suffered quite indignities.

The young Chaplin embraced these tragic changes and decided to make a great lesson of them all. The decision was to transform all these tragedies into lively and funny films. His iconic character, The Tramp, made audiences laugh as he appears wearing big shoes and a tiny jacket as he was too poor to afford buying anything. The character was a manifestation of the common man during the great depression era in the 20th century. Many audiences laughed at this character as they related to his conditions at that time.

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 Embracing change is the hallmark of an evolved person. There is nothing that can be done except accepting change as an opportunity for moving and growing as a mature human being. Transforming tragedies into comedies and fun acts is an evidence of a thrival species in these moments of chaos.

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