Why your mind is not designed to make you happy?

Posted in Personal Branding On Jan 21, 2018

Why Your mind Is Not Designed To Make you Happy?

In one of his latest interviews, Tony Robbins, an author of many best-selling books, and one of the best motivational speakers in the world, confessed in one of his latest interviews that your brain is not designed to make you happy; he went on to say that your mind is 2 million years old and it is designed to make you survive.

I really enjoyed his speech; yet, there are things about your mind you got to be aware of:

1. Your mind is as old as your body and heart: this triangle of your being is designed differently. The three are 2 million years old; still, each has a specific function to perform. Your mind lives in the future, your heart in the now, and your body in the past. The brain has evolved throughout thousands of years to be the mind. The mind, to use business analogy, is the entrepreneur who is visualizing how the future will be better than the present. The heart is the technician who is living in the moment, enjoying it and not bothering about tomorrow. The body is the administrator who keeps everything automatically running from circulation to breathing. The Three cannot be separated or done without.

2. You mind is a tool: just like the other two; they are tools that need to be used and directed by the fourth dimension: your consciousness. That’s the real master that watches what’s going on without interfering – just shedding light on what goes wrong and the tool in charge will adjust.

3. Your mind is more than a survival mechanism. I don’t agree with Tony regarding the mind that it is designed to make your survive. Your body is designed to make your survive. The needs of the body are to secure food and shelter and security. The mind is looking for the better. That’s why it looks always at tomorrow where things should be improved. Mind, by its very nature, is not designed to make you happy; it is designed to make you money and power.

I see a pendulum swings the other way against the mastery of the mind over our destiny. We have worshiped the mind and let him be in total control in the past 150 years since Darwin’s Theory of Evolution  and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Welcome to the brave new world of 2018 and beyond where your mind is no longer in charge.

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