Why Ignoring The Hidden Force Of Belief Is Crucial For Your Success?

Posted On Jul 19, 2018

Truth is: your belief is the hidden force behind your motivation to achieve or not to. Your belief is the principle and foundation upon which your emotions, thoughts and actions form and take shape. Take a few minutes to meditate and reflect by asking yourself: am I happy with the results that I get in my life? If you are happy, it’s because your beliefs are sound. If not, your belief system needs to be checked and altered in order to get different results. If results are not rewarding and fulfilling, you are violating the principle of the universe: you reap what you sow; you get out what you put in. There is no short cut. Those who believe otherwise are fooling themselves.

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Our leader today is a living example of how believing is the principal of action in life. The greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, never worried about failure. What concerns him is not trying because for him failure is the beginning not the end. Throughout his astounding success, all his hopes, dreams and aspirations were based on the invisible foundation of belief.

Michael’s achievements are the proof of the principle of believing. His experiences taught him that to be better at whatever you are doing, first become better at fiercely practicing day in and day out. That was one of his beliefs that resulted in stardom. It was told that until the last day of his career in basketball, he was the first person to get to the gym and the last one to leave.

Belief is the cause, result is the effect. If you doubt the game, be it the business game or the sports game, the game will doubt you. If you trust it, it will trust you. That’s why Michael was a proponent of giving all you’ve got to get the best out of life. Hence his powerful quote: “If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you.”

Your beliefs are the spiritual force that propels your actions. That’s why they need to be checked in order for you to grow and move past failures. A life without untested beliefs is not a life worth living. Through testing and analyzing your beliefs, the light of awareness will help you spot what is worth keeping and what needs to be changed.

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