How The Power Of Living Intensely Can Transform You

Posted On Jul 26, 2018

The reason you are worried about tomorrow is that you forgot to live intensely in the NOW. I advise you to examine, right now, your thinking process. Have you felt a sense of worry in the last 10 hours or so? If this is a recurring feeling then it is worth pinpointing what’s going on. The root cause of this worry of tomorrow is that you have many conflicting desires that pull you apart.

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Your total attentiveness to the present moment is the solution. Take one bold step through your life at a time. Give every step your complete attention and energy. This intensity brings in itself your totality, undividedness, and unity. Get your mind out of the equation and put your heart instead. Your mind is always leaping into tomorrow – it enjoys planning and visualizing. Place your heart instead and the whole game will change from time-fantasizing to immersing in life itself.

Our today’s Leader is someone who lives intensely in the moment. How did I know? I encourage you to watch his movies and see how he intensely lives his characters. In his movie, Aviator , Leonardo DiCaprio has portrayed the life of Howard Hughes, an ambitious business tycoon in the 1930s. Though the movie was produced in 2004, DiCaprio gets us back to the Golden Age of Hollywood where Hughes was working as film-maker and aviator. DiCaprio’s portrayal of this eccentric Hughes was nothing short of amazing.

To successfully present a real life character in the midst of losing his sanity wasn’t an easy task. DiCaprio immersed himself in studying the mental process of this mentally disorder person. The scrupulous nature of Hughes was evident in the scenes that show how DiCaprio scrubs his hand with soap until it bleeds and how he awaits the bathroom door to be opened so as not to touch the handle.

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The reason you are worried about tomorrow is because you haven’t lived today. Start taking care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself. And to live today is to live intensely and wholeheartedly in whatever you do. Simply because tomorrow might not come and it will not come. Only then an evolved and conscious human being will be in charge of his destiny.

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