How The Power of Acceptance is a Liberating Practice

Posted in Personal Branding On Aug 02, 2018

If there is one thing you should be doing about your life right now it is to accept it. Resisting what is beyond your control is as futile as resisting weather. Your whole being that is comprised of your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul, craves for unity and coherence. Only your mind is the part that is resisting and thriving in conflict. Your body, heart and soul flow smoothly with nature, your mind is not. The challenge is to silence the mind.

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Upon accepting whatever life throws your way, rewards will be amazing. When you are readily accepting and receiving, the door of abundance will be opened. The law is ridiculously simple: you will receive the moment you give total acceptance. Your moment of transformation and flowering, as I would like to call it, is when your whole being shifts from resisting to accepting.

Our today’s model of acceptance is J.K. Rowling. A woman’s life that can be summed up in no more than 3 words, as she once declared, “Failure. Rejection. Success.” What we witness now about Rowling is a flowering of someone that was kicked around most of her life. But now, she is a best-selling author of all time. Her Harry Potter series has achieved more than 400 million dollars in book sales; not to mention her last movie that got over 480 million dollars in ticket sales.

The secret of success, according to Rowling, is to accept reality for what it is. Her reality that started with the death of her mother the moment Rowling started thinking about the novel. Another reality she accepted was being a failure as an English teacher for some time in a foreign country. A third reality was a failing marriage and a baby daughter that needs to be taken care of. A fourth reality is the successive refusal of more than 15 publishers to publish her masterpiece Harry Potter.

Acceptance is acknowledging your reality for what it is. It’s liberating not suffocating. Resistance, on the other hand, is due to your denial of that reality with all its aspects. Your transformation is possible only through accepting unconditionally what ails you that will work as a fertilizer towards your final flowering.

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