How Maturity Comes With decisions, Not With Age

Posted in Personal Branding On Aug 09, 2018

Your true mark of maturity starts when your security ends. That was the mentor’s advice to his grown-up student. The student calls his mentor apologizing for not attending today’s session because his father has just died. The mentor replied joyfully:” congratulations, only now you can be your own man.” The mentor hung up not waiting for his student response.

The context and the system you are brought up with have created a false sense of security inside you. Your parents, teachers, and institutions have conspired unconsciously against your maturity. They secured all the means in order not to grow up and mature. Because being mature and independent means that you will decide for yourself; you will stand on your feet and choose your destiny. That’s dangerous; it’s against their investment. But you are not here on this planet to fulfill anyone’s expectations; you would rather fulfil yours.

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Our today’s star has reached maturity very early on in her life. The three-time winner of Golden Globe awards and Hollywood’s highest-paid actress, Angelina Jolie, believes that one grows mature by life experiences. When she was asked about how struggle can help us grow, Jolie states the old saying that “what does not kill you makes you stronger.” She went on by confessing that our life experiences, good or bad, make us who we are. By overcoming difficulties, we gain strength and maturity.

Jolie, due to a strong history of ovarian cancer in her family, underwent 2 preventive surgeries against the development of breast cancer that has a high probability of developing at some point in her life. Aiming to help other women make sound health choices, she detailed her personal experiences that contain these surgeries and diagnosis. She describes her decision of undergoing these preventive surgeries as a proactive measure for the sake of her six children.

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Your true mark of maturity starts with a decision to be in charge of your life. A lot of resistance and denial will be shown by your outer circle starts with your family and society at large. Every part has its own vested interest in keeping you childish and dependent. That’s their expectations of you. But you are here on this planet to fulfil God’s expectations of you not theirs.

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