How Being a Witness Can Awaken Your Whole Being

Posted in Personal Branding, Transformation On Aug 27, 2018

Being a witness entails you to get out of your self-made prison. The witness is the light that resides deepest in you. It’s the purest energy that makes you aware of what’s going on here and now. That light is neutral, non-judgmental, noticing, and watching. It’s simply a witness who is intensely present and unattached.

This unattached witness got to watch the collusion of thoughts that go through your head. It also notices the sensations of the body. Your body is a product of the past. A host of unconscious habits that have formed the person you are now. Your body is run by an automatic function that includes breathing, heart beating, food digestion, and blood circulation. The hotbed of your body is the memory; of your mind it is imagination. The witness is your consciousness.

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In my early twenties, I started out in the career of Advertising. I joined one of the biggest advertising agencies that was specialized in producing commercials. As a client service department, we got used to make a ritual of celebrating each finalized commercial produced. This celebration was in our large room that contains no less than 11 accounts executives and managers. The celebration was very noisy and affects the other departments of creative, production and media. The production manager went to the chairman of the agency complaining of this noise.

What happens is that while the celebration went on and we were dancing and singing, the chairman stepped into the large room and looked at us all. The whole scene was silent; we stopped dancing and singing. We felt that even the music has stopped. The chairman kept looking at all of us with no facial or body expressions whatsoever. He didn’t say a word; he didn’t even show any anger. Then he left. From that moment on, we never celebrated in such a way or even during office hours. Our noise is similar to the noise of our thoughts; the chairman is the witness that got everything right the moment he is intensely present.

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Being a witness is the key to your freedom and awakening. You just need to free yourself from the prison of your mind and body. You are neither one of the two. You are a pure and unattached witness that will activate your awareness and make you conscious of the real world of the now and here.

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