How to Regain Power from the Unconscious Mind

Posted in Personal Branding On Aug 16, 2018

The relationship between the conscious and unconscious levels of your mind can best be exemplified through this analogy. The Master of the house is the conscious level and the Servant is the subconscious. It seems logic that the Master controls and directs the Servant. But reality is: the Servant has the upper hand. The Master is not in the house; he is lazy spending most of his time fantasizing and dreaming of how he can best live his life. He is living in the NEXT: next moment, next pleasure, and next big thing.

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The Servant is running all the operations at the house. All the chores and physical activities are perfectly done by him. He is living in the present. By time and due to the Master’s absence of directing and following things up with the Servant, the Servant is making decisions without getting back to his Master. By time the Servant is in control and the Master is losing power and direction.

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, has formulated his theory of the unconscious back to the years of 1900- 1905. His analogy is deeper than mine. His is the analogy of the iceberg. On the surface lies the conscious mind, where all of our attention is focused. The vast region of the iceberg lies beneath the surface which is the unconscious level of mind. This part in invisible to us and occupies the greatest part of our mind. We don’t have two minds; but rather two levels of mind.

Each one of the two levels has his own responsibility. The Master is supposed to be aware of everything and attentive to details but he is not. He trusts his servant to run everything. Because this dumb servant is running everything, he questions the importance of his absent master. By time he held himself accountable and the house falls apart.

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Unless The Master leads the Servant, the house will go nowhere. Because of the Master’s absence, the house is under-led and over-managed. This is the reality and problem of the modern man. Nothing can be progressed until the Master stops the servant and addresses him by saying: “I choose to live today, and every day, in heaven not in hell. Now, you can work on details.”

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