How Eternity can be Fulfilled in the Vertical Dimension of Life

Posted On Sep 27, 2018

To seek eternity is to live in the vertical dimension of life. The dividing line between time and life is very crucial. In time, you have either past or future - there is no present. You are living then in the horizontal plane. This is the plane that aspires for the fleeting Power. Power that cannot be reached without money, without politics, without education, and without social networking. Power then is not an end; it is a means to an end. And the end is to be God on earth. Have a close look on the Hitlers, Napoleons, and modern-day Politicians and you will know what I am talking about.

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But the Einsteins of the world who seek paradise on earth are on a totally different plane. They are on the vertical plane of life, not time. Life is the present moment. The total immersion in doing what you love with disregard to consequences. Love is the end not means as power is. No wonder love is blind: he cannot see the past and the future because both are fake and nonexistent except in your mind. Your mind is what creates time, your heart makes life.

The horizontal and vertical lines can best be illustrated in the great movie “Gladiator”. The Horizontal plane is represented by the young Roman Emperor Commodus. His lust for power was evident early on in the movie when he murdered his father and took hold of the greatest empire in the history of Western Civilization – The Roman Empire. The Roman people were driven into this horizontal line through being hypnotized by the Emperor’s bribes of food, wine, money and women.

The eternal and vertical plane was depicted by Maximus Meridius, the commander of the Roman army. He is a symbol of love, sacrifice and honesty. Because of Maximus loyalty to the murdered father, Commodus raged an all-out war against Maximus depriving him of his title, his army, his estate, and even his family that has been murdered by Commodus. But Maximus teaches us the story that man can be destroyed but he cannot be defeated. The soul of man is the only thing that cannot be annihilated. As the end of the movie shows, eternity beats mortality, love beats power.

Seeking eternity in life is a path worth pursuing. If there is one thing we can learn from Gladiator is that the Commoduses of the world cannot win over the Maximuses. It’s no wonder the Maximuses invariably win peoples’ hearts and make earth a paradise – a place for eternity.

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