The First Step to Turnaround Your Life’s Painful Experiences

Posted in Personal Branding, Transformation On Nov 01, 2018

There is no such a thing in life as a painful experience, only lessons learned. You might just have missed an incident that might have cost you your health, wealth or even your life, but you are unaware how such a misfortune is the best thing that has struck you. Only when those lessons are learned, you can authentically begin your life. That new life is one full of awareness, joyfulness and gratitude.

I ask you to fast backwards into your life and remember an inconvenience or heartbreak. You may be struck by missed opportunities, setbacks or even catastrophes. Pick that painful incident from the vault of your memory and remember what were your emotions and feelings back then. Next, pursue that seemingly painful incident and see how it turned around by time into a success story.

To lead a rich and rewarding life one first step needs is to be taken. Get into the habit  of looking for opportunities even in the worst of events. Believe that the best will eventually come out of the womb of difficulties. Haven’t you considered how the beauty of sunshine springs out of the darkness of night? Haven’t you reflected on the difficulties in your life that proved to be blessings in disguise? It is the belief that will trigger your thought to think positively and look for opportunities. Your belief comes out of your soul while positive thinking comes from your mind. It is the belief that God never fails to let the sun outlive the storm.

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I would like you to meet a guy who is an example of a blessing in disguise. After quitting his studies in 1998, he got a job at Yahoo. When he left yahoo in 2007, he applied to work for Twitter and Facebook, but was rejected by both. When he bought his new iPhone in 2009, he realized how money-making was tied to apps.

He teamed up with a friend to develop an app they called WhatsApp. The software was born and developed in cafes. By 2011, with the help of 50 staff, his users had grown to 200 million. Capitalizing on the increasing demand of this app, Facebook finally acquired WhatsApp for a fee up to $19 Billion. That’s the turnaround story of Jan Koum, the co-founder of WhatsApp.

Our life’s greatest lessons can be extracted from our painful experiences. Upon reflecting, you will be struck by the realization that the worst of events in your life were disguised and later appear to be in your favor. Just look deep into events and be patient.

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