How The Quality Of Your Vibrations Get The Universe On Your Side

Posted On Dec 13, 2018

Our present physical reality is but a manifestation of our yesterday’s choices. When our outer reality is not coinciding with what our life should be, fear and doubt kick in. But one thing is for sure: your suffering or joy is the result of the vibration that you feel and send unconsciously to the universe.

Reflecting on your life: when was the last time you thought about a particular song then few minutes later you hear the song while passing by a shop? Or, you thought about a close friend of yours whom you haven’t seen for so long and all of the sudden the phone rings and that friend is the one you’ve been thinking about. The reason such synchronicity happens is due to your intense vibration that you sent to the universe and it picks it up and gave you what you want.

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Energy is all there is. The universe, including man, is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. The only currency to get in contact with the universe is your energy. This currency has two sides; a negative side and a positive one. The universe talks a different language than ours. His is the vibration you are offering. The universe is an invisible, yet, a very powerful servant. It picks your vibration and gives you what you want. The lower-level-vibrations, such as, jealousy, hatred, and fear will attract the likes from the universe – lower-level ones. Likewise, the higher-level vibrations that you send such as love, acceptance, and courage will catch the same wavelength from the outer world.

Today’s inventions are indebted to the greatest inventor of all time, Nikola Tesla. He is the inventor of the light bulb. Thomas Edison  improved upon Tesla’s invention. Tesla was a pure scientist while Edison was a combination of a scientist and a businessman. Tesla’s thorough knowledge in electricity and wireless technology led him to the truth that everything that being created in this universe depends on this trio: energy, frequency and vibrations.

According to Tesla, every matter in this universe is made of energy. We are all energies set in different forms and on different levels. Each thought of yours has a different frequency. Your states of mind be they alpha, beta, theta, or delta are but frequencies that work in different ways. As such the universe is responding to the frequency of your mind. When it comes to vibration, each one has his own vibration whether it is sad or happy ones that will be reflected in our physical world.

To get the universe on your side is to be aware of your vibrations. Since everything is energy, we need to take charge of the quality of our vibrational frequency. Choosing a higher vibrational frequency will help you attract the reality you are looking for.

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