3 Things you need to invest in… NOW.

Jan 21, 2018

in Personal Branding

The inside-out investment should precede the outside-in one. You need to start with laying the foundation first; investing the time in understanding and developing yourself then move on to understand which vehicle of investment suits you. The concept of investment is based on a single and simple premise: you spend money to make money. Spending money in things you didn’t take time in studying will turn the investment you are looking for to being an expense.

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3 Ways to start a lasting Transformation

Jan 21, 2018

in Transformation

A guru was once asked: “Who showed you the way?” He answered: “A dog showed me the way. Someday I kept watching him. He was very thirsty; he was standing by the water’s edge. The dog was looking fearfully and moving backward as he looks at the reflection of his face on water because he thought there is another dog facing him. In the end, because of his dire need to drink, he got out of his fear and plunges into water, where his reflection disappeared. The dog realized that the barrier was he himself. Likewise, I found that the barriers I was talking about were of my own imagination.”