The Benefits of Practicing the Habit of Gratitude

Posted in Personal Branding On Aug 06, 2018

Through appreciating what you have, you will end up having more. Conversely, by taking things for granted, you will end up suffering and complaining. At one end, you are like an Emperor who feels a deep sense of gratitude for everything God bestows upon him; on the other end, you are much like a Beggar who is asking for more and looking for what he lacks. The difference is crucial. It’s the difference between the one who is transformed into an emperor and someone being downgraded to a beggar. The raw material is the same. Only you is the one that will decide what you will make out of it.

When you feel grateful you are unconsciously acting from a place of abundance; there are enough resources and gifts in the space and even within you. That’s what you focus on; and what you focus on expands. When you complain, you unconsciously, act from a place of scarcity and lack and the result is more scarcity and suffering. The Law is the Law. The challenge for this wretched Beggar is how to make the unconscious conscious; How to stop running his life on autopilot and practice consciously and deliberately the blessing of gratefulness.

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Gratitude has a unique power to transform anything. Matt Damon, an American actor and A Golden Globe Award winner in 2016 as the best actor for his role in The Martian  movie, is a manifestation of the one who practices gratitude. One journalist describers him by stating that Matt has a “Thank you” as part of his everyday vocabulary. Matt is concerned about nurturing and cultivating the habit of gratitude in his four daughters.

To materialize his vision, Matt co-founded  foundation in 2009. He is keen on giving back to community through providing sanitation and clean H20 to the developing nations that might need it. He is committed to practice gratitude and having a good time doing that.

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By appreciating what you have, you will receive rewards far exceed your expectations. Once the seed of gratitude is planted and nurtured in your everyday life, you will reap the fruit of abundant living. Such abundance encompasses your whole-being: your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

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