How Attachment is Poisonous to your Well-being

Posted On Sep 13, 2018

As breathing is indispensable for your being, so is Love. Deep breathing heals your body; unconditional love animates your soul. Your very existence is to love. Love is a seed that needs to be nourished every single moment. Its only nourishment is the purposeless relationship with every living creature on the planet.

There is one thing that prevents love from growing. It’s something more dangerous than hatred and more poisonous as well. Something that hides hatred in the background and gives the appearance of love. It is the fake coin that appears to be as real as love. It is attachment. Attachment is an act of possessiveness, control and excessive clinging of the thing we dearly value. It’s a despicable selfishness.

When you throw your own light of awareness, you will find a fine distinction. While love gives freedom to others, attachment stifles it; where love is joy, attachment is misery. Clinging to people, things, and places brings misery because life itself is in constant change. When sunset appears, enjoy it - don’t be attached to it. Because when you do, you will feel miserable when night comes; even worse, you will lose the sunset passing moments of beauty. When you cling to something, you will be scared of losing it.

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Today’s star is a paragon of beauty but also a stark example of tragedy. Her childhood was in poverty. Her mother had serious psychological problems that led to a mental institution. She lived out her childhood moving from foster home to foster home and to orphanages. These incidents led to a deep sense of insecurity that she is unwanted and unloved.

When she grew up, she bounced from one love affair to another. This “candle in the wind”, as one admirer keeps on calling her, went into a state of inner emptiness and alienation. She got married to a well-known writer, Arthur Miller, who represents to her the father-figure she never had. After five years of marriage, she was divorced and had a disturbed life. She died at the age of 36. Who else would it be other than Marilyn Monroe?

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Understanding the difference between love and attachment is crucial for your well-being. It is unhealthy to cling to any temporal object be it a place, a thing or even a human being. The resolution is to unconditionally love everything so attachment disappears quietly.

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