How to Better Understand Your Human Nature

Posted On Sep 17, 2018

Everything is subject to change except one major thing: human nature. It is that part of everyone that contains duality: the angel as well as the primates; the appearing dove as well as the hidden serpent; the moralist as well as the pragmatist. The two sides are inseparable. More importantly, the two parts are constant. When one part is obvious to you, the other part lurks in the background and ready to take action. Which side you feed is dependent on you. When you feed the angel, goodness and peace prevails in your world; when you release the primate, the thirst for power and control appears.

While technology has changed our lives dramatically, it failed to change our nature. The only change that can be done should be through each individual. Everyone should embrace a more realistic view of human nature: neither an optimistic nor a pessimist. Where you look at humanity as it really is not as it can be. It is a world where “one may smile and smile and be a villain,” as Shakespeare eloquently puts it. A world not either black or white but both sides are interchangeably used.

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Today’s guide is someone who learned human nature the hard way. He worked over 80 different jobs in his life until he finally found his passion for writing. He started working in Journalism but didn’t like it. He traveled around the world and lived in Europe for several years working in very weird and agonizing jobs. Then back to the States, where he belongs, to join the movie business in Hollywood. Works as a screenwriter but left after he found that he has no control over what he writes. Finally, took his life into his own hands and started writing his books that stem out of real life.

Introducing Robert Greene, a five-time best-selling author. In this widely read book, The 48 Laws of Power, he summed up all the Machiavellian things that were secretly showed in people’s dealings. Greene’s interest is to open our eyes to what’s really going on. And what’s going on, according to his perspective, is a world where men ruthlessly use their power, where women ravenously use their beauty, and where only the strongest survive while the weak suffer.

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Human nature is not liable to be changed. It is our responsibility to understand the duality of good and evil that exists in all of us. Upon such understanding, a new and evolved human being can emerge more whole, proactive and compassionate.

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