A New Level of Understanding That Turns Theory Into Practice

Posted in Personal Branding On Oct 04, 2018

Turning theory into practice can be bridged through understanding. How many times have we made a decision to stop smoking or drinking but we often failed? How come many love stories have come to an end despite the attempts to prevent them from ending? Why family ties are broken and family members are drifting apart? Despite the good intentions to make things work, unfavorable consequences seem out of control.

Understanding is the glue that holds things together. But the understanding that is really effective and leads to action is more than a mental one. Understanding is too big to be handled by mind per se. The mind gives you an understanding that falls short of making a lasting impact. The real transformation and big leap into the real practice needs another level of understanding.

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The level of understanding that is capable of making a real transformation is integrating your whole being. It’s the understanding that penetrates the layer of your mind and reaches into your heart and soul. Your whole entity sponges the experience in an integrated way not in a partial and linear way. The process of understanding should be non-linear in order to lead to a transformed human being.

The information revolution that has been brought by Google co-founders, Larry Page  and Sergey Brin  is double-edged. On the one hand, information is terrifically accessible, but on the other, it leads to mental understanding. We became more intellectual, more methodical, but less wise and intuitive.

Understanding and wisdom will be achieved through experiencing. We need to transcend the virtual, theoretical and mental constraints of the surge of information. This transcendence is achieved through a thorough and deep understanding that comes from unifying our splintered parts of body, mind, heart, and soul.  

To turn theory into practice, a new dimension of understanding is needed. It’s a dimension based on the integration of our whole being that senses, thinks, feels, and directs rather than just thinking. Such deep understanding reaches beyond the theoretical aspect and makes practice all the more feasible.

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Tareq Alaghoury

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