How Your Mind-Body Relationship Is Deeply Connected

Posted On Nov 26, 2018

Our long-time conditioning of a competitive mindset needs to be upgraded to a whole new level.  By its very nature, competition results in thinking in linear, divisive, and compartmentalizes terms. The manifestation of this was the deeply rooted belief that our mind and body are two separate entities. Such disconnection prevented us from reaching sound conclusions.

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Mistaking symptoms for the root cause is due to our linear thinking. When you have a certain symptom, a headache, for example, you tend to treat it. The treatment takes the form of medicine. That’s a short-term treatment. What should be done is looking deep inside as why you have the headache in the first place. Getting into the root cause will help you find a remedy for this symptom. The root cause might be anxiety, depression or fear. That’s the real problem that needs to be tackled. The symptom appears on your body but the root cause is in your mind. Your mind and body are not separate, they are deeply connected.

Since the two are deeply interrelated, your mind affects your body and vice versa. Your body is a devoted servant that keeps you alive and surviving. All his desires are basic needs, while the mind aspires for the better. Being obsessed with tomorrow, your mind is liable to bouts of anxiety, worry and fear. That’s what makes your mind wired for negativity. In consequence, your body revolts in the form of physical symptoms such as gum problems, arthritis, coma and the like.

Understanding the mind-body relationship was the secret behind the success of the 38th Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the age of 27, he was awarded Mr. Olympia; a winner of an international bodybuilding competition that is held annually by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB). Then he became a Hollywood icon film icon, a businessman and finally a politician.

Arnold believes in the crucial role of brain work in bodybuilding. He capitalized on the faculty of visualization as a means for reaching his goals. He used to harness his positive mental imagery to drive his physique to the next level. He always warned us against the suffering of the mind because when the mind suffers body aches.

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The body-mind relationship is deeply connected. Taking care of the quality of your thoughts affects your body. By improving your mental habits, your body will respond with a favorable behavior.

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