Why Is It Imperative To Listen To Your Body

Posted On Nov 05, 2018

Our human body is a marvelous machine that has ever been created. It’s an infallible machine produced by nature.  What makes it marvelous is the way it communicates with us as humans. It sends nonverbal messages to us whenever danger is coming up. It has its intuitive way of telling you what you are up to.

The warning signs that come to you through your intuitive body are worth paying attention to. For example, you had a gut feeling that something bad is about to happen then the phone rings minutes later carrying  bad news of losing a loved one. Or, you feel an unbearable pain in your stomach a day before signing a contract that proves to be a bad decision later on. These intuitive signals are but warning signs sent by your body in order for you to be prepared and take the proper action.

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What you have to do is to pay close attention to what your body is telling you. The problem is that when you ignore these signals, your body lets you pay the price for such absence. When you experience pain in your body, be attentive and take note of how often this pain occurs. Have a break and start taking care of yourself. It’s through these moments of relaxation that you get deeply connected with your body and see how to best meet its needs.

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It’s easy for you to spot a person who is tuning in to his body. The first trait is that he has a physique that looks like it hasn’t aged a day. Secondly, he is always intensely present so much so that he enjoys every singly minute. Thirdly, he is not tense or serious: he is relaxed and compassionate.

Jennifer Aniston  is a superb example of someone who makes friends with her body. Aniston is an advocate of healthy eating. To her, the quality of food to the body is much like the quality of fuel to the car. When you take care of what to eat has a dramatic effect on your body, your thoughts, and even your emotions. She considers proper food as the stepping stone of making a good communication with your body. It’s that simple and that complicated.

The human body is a marvelous machine that needs to be understood. To properly understand it, you need to listen attentively to its signals. In order for you to live happily, meeting these needs will work to your advantage. Ignoring such needs will make you suffer on both physical and emotional levels.

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