How Emotions Are The Main Driver Behind Your Decisions

Posted On Dec 06, 2018

Our emotions are the main driver behind our decisions. The educational system has inadvertently taught us not to know ourselves. We’ve been brought up into the I.Q. world of Science, Math, and chemistry forgetting in the process that it only is emotions that make us alive or nearly dead. Still, we need to fix the problem not to see who we can nail.

We march through life without giving attention to the most important thing that influence our decisions: our emotions. It is emotions that starts the decision making process. The process starts with an external stimulus. The stimulus kicks an emotion in the brain; the brain  triggers the body to produce responsive hormones. Hormones go into bloodstream and create feelings. These feelings are either negative or positive depends on the thoughts provided.

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Emotionally intelligent people are those who make an impact. They have the ability to manage themselves and their emotions. Self-awareness is the cornerstone. You first understand your emotions and never let it control you. Upon understanding your emotions you will realize how these emotions affect people around you. This leads you to understand the emotions of others to deal with them properly. It is emotional intelligence, according to the leadership guru Warren Bennis, which “accounts for 85% to 90% of success at work.”

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Being emotionally intelligent was best manifested in the clash between two celebrities. On the one hand we have, LeBron James, who is considered by many the greatest basketball player of all time. On the other hand, we have the owner of Cavaliers club, Dan Gilbert. When James decided not to renew his contract with Cavaliers, rampant emotions have swept the whole state. James not only had the power to put fans in seats, but to put fans in downtown bars and restaurants.

Dan Gilbert emotions crossed many lines. He reacted to James Departure as unforgivable “cowardly betrayal” and “a shameful display of selfishness”. Being emotionally intelligent, James managed the angry emotions of the crowd that once worshiped him. He managed his emotions through not reacting to the owners accusations of him and reminded him of his loyalty to the team. Second, he got the fans by his side through reminding them of his commitment. It’s interesting how a man with no education, no social status can be so mature and intelligent in managing such a chaos.

Your emotional intelligence is a major determinant of success both internally and externally. It enables you to be self-aware of your emotions and how to manage them. Upon practicing this skill you will realize how more impactful it is as compared to your I.Q.

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