How Your Intuition Transcends Your Five Senses

Posted On Dec 17, 2018

To be awakened to a higher state of awareness we need to go beyond our sensory system. Our school system has capitalized on the evolution of science and bombarded us with extensive information about our five senses. These five senses that are sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell are different sensors that give us different perspectives on our experiences. These physical senses, so to speak, are connecting us to the material and tangible world of people and places.

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But to make a breakthrough is to go beyond the known. Have you come across this “Aha moment” that the great leaders been through? I guess you had it: That mental problem you kept on holding it in your mind. You spent months or even years researching and digging in order to find a conclusive answer. You worked on a process, day in and day out putting the work in and no solution reached. You decided to surrender and relax and forget about the whole thing. Then the big idea comes out of nowhere. It comes from the unknown; from a world beyond your physical reality.

That big idea comes from within. It’s your inner knowing. Call it your gut feeling, inner voice, sixth sense, hunch or intuition. That intuition is the learning that comes to you from your inner universe that is connected to the outer one. Luckily, we are all endowed with this priceless gift. Some of us are aware of having this gift and many leave it inside of them dormant and inactive. Upon using it on a daily basis the quality of our decisions will differ totally.

Having been obsessed with how everybody in the universe is attracted to every other body with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them, Isaac Newton  finally gave in. He relaxed in a meditation mode, setting under a tree when an apple suddenly falls on his head. A flash of insight struck him and made him wonder: why apples always fall straight to the ground - rather than sideways or upward? This led him to eventually develop his law of universal gravitation.

Isaac Newton harnessed this gift of intuition through keeping a journal. He called it a “Waste Book.” Where he got used to store in it his readings, insights, drawings and visualizations that helped him in his discoveries. It is said that this journal has more than million words and tens of visuals. It is evident that intuition is a gift far exceeds intellect. Still, intellect is the backyard that prepares for the problem and gathers information and waits for the solution to kick in. That’s where intuition comes in.

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Your five senses are learning from without while your intuition is learning from within. Intuition goes beyond the logical and sequential calculations of the intellect. It is the power worth harnessing and taking care of.

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