How To Gain Clarity In The Midst Of Chaos

Posted On Feb 25, 2019

To gain clarity about your life is to admit the confusion of what’s going on around you. The information overload  has blurred and clouded our minds. Such confusion is an opportunity rather than a problem. If your mindset identifies it as a problem, your awareness must shift it to an opportunity worth seizing. Why? Because confusion is the beginning not the end. The end is to gain clarity about who you are, where you want to go and how to get there. But the first agonizing step to be taken is to drop the tool that is identified with confusion. The tool that got to be dropped temporarily is your mind.

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The fog that shrouds over your mind takes many shapes. The conflicting thoughts that run into your mind simultaneously render it ineffectual and incapable of functioning. Think of your computer and how difficult it is to process when you open up more than one program. Similarly, our minds are crammed with many programs of daily living. The list includes family duties, your professional pressures and your loving relationships. Since our brains are incapable of handling many thoughts all at once, it comes to be unsettled which creates anxiety and stress.

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Being aware of the problem helps you to reset your mind. Just like you reboot the system in your computer. The overload of processing many programs at once turns it slow. Your act of resetting your mind is simply carving out time each day for meditation. It helps you cut down the distractions in your life in order to work efficiently. Meditation helps you let go of the clutter and empty a free space in your mind in order for it to reorganize and prioritize. Meditation settles the mind and renders it efficient through conscious elimination of the distractions that sap your energy.

Our guest, Gwyneth Paltrow, has reached clarity through experiencing devastating events in her life. The Academy Award winner actress for her role in Shakespeare in Love  film, states that she run through self-healing after her long-marriage split. For her, healing is a process that requires starting with clearing the mind of all the mental noise and preconceptions about healthy living. Such clearance helps to create a space in the mind for new realizations and healing to get in. You get rid of what no longer serves you in order for the new to find a place.

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Gaining clarity about your life needs to be cultivated. It starts with self-awareness that helps you clearing your mind from the burdens that prevent it from proper functioning. The process carries the risk of eliminating what is unnecessary in order to create a space for new and healthy stuff.

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