The One Thing That Eliminates Stress and Anxiety

Posted On Oct 01, 2018

The main cause of stress and anxiety is due largely to our lack of presence. In this God-given world everything is available but we are not. Our unavailability is caused by the inner workings of our mind. The incessant surge of thoughts prevents us from responding to the dictates of the present moment. Each moment of life needs to be attended to as it holds the seeds of unlimited opportunities. Without being alert to the present moment, a new dimension of living won’t be possible.

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To be present, an inner practice needs to be done first. By being a witness of the inner chattering and congested thoughts that run in the mind. Keeping your detached and non-judgmental observation is the whole secret of meditation. Your thoughts are like clouds, they come and go but your core is like the sky – untouched and unmoved. The vast sky of your witnessing is pure consciousness that sheds light on what is happening. By being exposed to the light of consciousness, shallow and negative thoughts evaporate while deep ones stay and grow.

The Hollywood star Richard Gere, started experiencing meditation at 24 years old. He confessed that becoming aware of his negative thought patterns was an illuminating revelation. Before starting the meditative work, he attributed his insecurity to the fact that he was unconscious of what was going on both in the external world as well as his internal world.

Gere advises us of the necessity of taming our minds. He likens the chaos of conflicting thoughts that exist in our minds to the surface of the ocean. The deeper you go into this turbulent ocean of thoughts, the more whole, quieter and peaceful you will feel. Just stay vigilant of how the present moment unfolds its wonders and how you will respond.

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Stress and anxiety are the result of losing touch with the present moment. While the present moment is full of opportunities that got to be seized, we are not there to tackle them. To remedy this, live in the NOW by being a witness of what is happening in your inner world and in the outer world simultaneously.

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