How Our Paradigms Are Controlled By Invisible Forces

Posted in Personal Branding On May 13, 2019

To see things as they really are is to run the risk of flying in the face of common sense. The way we see the world is called paradigm. This way of “seeing” is not done through the visual sense of sight but rather through perceiving and interpreting. Virtually most of us are controlled and manipulated by paradigms. These paradigms are a mental program impeded inside us and control and direct our behavior. The invisible force that shapes the way we see things is our external environment.

The invisible forces that shape our paradigms are social, genetic and psychic. The social lens from which we see the world is disjointed. Our personality is formed from the opinions and perceptions of those closest to us. We grow unaware of ourselves as others views are more projections of themselves upon us more than a reflection on our true identity. Your personality, the one you see through others’ eyes, is but their weaknesses and drawbacks downloaded on me. Your character, the real you, is pushed to the background as something totally unaligned with the norm.

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The second invisible force is your genetic make-up. When being accused of your bad temper, for example, you defend yourself that it’s out of your hand; it’s in your DNA. You elaborate on how your family genetic coding is the one to be blamed. That’s how your paradigm is formed. You perceive yourself as a victim of an invisible force of nature that shapes you that way.

The third invisible force is how your psyche is constructed. The person you are now is the result of your upbringing. Your childhood experiences had essentially laid out your tendencies and personality structure. Being ambitious and less tolerant with those who are less devoted than you is because of your parents who brought you up on the importance of being the best and winning at all costs. Your parents are to be blamed, or, better say, the environment they lived in. In short, anyone is responsible except you.

That’s how your paradigms are formed. A paradigm of a powerless human being who is literally controlled by forces beyond his control. Because you are powerless, you see things from a scarcity lens. Your perception of life is distorted and stifling. Your relationship with money, love and work is superficial and fluctuating. Sometimes you are making progress, other times you are regressing and when reflecting, you ascribe this to the merciless world you are in and the economic conditions you have no control over. You are programmed that way.

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Leaders who free themselves from this programming are those who use the key of awareness. They are aware of the fine line between perception and reality. Their daily reflections enable them of being in charge of their life. They intentionally replace the habitual programming of society with a self-made program that was written and scripted by their own hands and experienced through exerting sweat and blood. Their program is original, individual and counter-intuitive to the pre-set programs of society.

The paradigm through which you see the world must be of your own making. It will go against the grain of your environmental programming that is based on a scarcity mindset. Following your own light will help you lead a thriving and rewarding life.

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