Why Setting Your Intentions Should Precede Setting Your Goals

Posted in Personal Branding On Jan 14, 2019

Setting your intention before taking action is like powering your vehicle with the purest fuel available. Let’s imagine the analogy of a vehicle and how it relates to your life. So long as your vehicle can’t move forward without fuel so is your life. But, when the fuel in the vehicle is not that of super quality, the vehicle won’t function properly by time. The fuel of the vehicle is like your passion. If this passion is not purified with good intentions, your life will suffer sooner of later.

Because our minds and eyes are fixated on the outcome, we are caught by disappointments. We set goals without clarifying our intentions first. Goals shift your attention to the future where the present moment is absent. These goals either beget more goals or might cause your life to a halt if not achieved. Either achieved or not, goals will never provide you with fulfilment. You are always for the next big thing. Your focus is on the external world – the fruit – rather than on the internal world – the seed.

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Upon prioritizing your life, setting intentions and goals can go nicely hand in hand. The two are not competing but rather complementing one another. Priority should be given to setting your intentions, which is the focus on your inner world where the seed got to be taken care of first. You set your intentions on what really matters to you most. In so doing, you are grounded no matter how the outside world is fluctuating. Second comes setting your goals. Upon setting each goal, you have the intention behind achieving that goal. Such intentions of helping others or making others happy will motivate you to achieve your goals effectively and contently.

Our ego is the force behind setting goals. Surprisingly, one the funniest comedians of all time, Jim Carrey, have a lot to say regarding the power of our intention as opposed to the illusive quality of our ego. Serious people believe in the power of the ego, while those who take life lightly are the ones that recognize the nothingness of the ego.

While delivering his speech in a conference held in 2009, Jim states that;” Our intention is everything.” He went on:” Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention.” Intention is the purest energy that works as a magnet to everything. What we really need is not to be fixated on achieving but rather on reconnecting to our intention on a daily basis.

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Setting intentions provide us with meaning and guidance. It’s our intention that gets us grounded and detached from the ups and down of setting goals. To put your life in its proper perspective, set your intentions first then set your goals afterwards.

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