How Your Ego is a Tool to be Used Judiciously

Posted On Oct 29, 2018

In a competition-based society, your ego is the prime determinant of success. But reality is that a weakness is a strength used to excess. When your ego is unconsciously  nourished, you lose your soul in the process. The two stand in sharp contrast to each other.

Ego revels in competition while soul flourishes in collaboration and interdependence. Ego, when used consciously, can be a terrific tool. The arena of the ego is your inner world. That’s the place worth developing. When used externally it becomes crude, rash and destructive.

The resolution is to use both depending on the case at hand. For example, when you try to improve yourself in certain area, two conflicting forces try to split you apart. On the one hand, your soul is always directs you to be the best that you can be. Your Ego, on the other hand, stands in the way of making the better version of yourself. Your awareness here is witnessing this silent war between your ego and soul. Your awareness will use the soul’s craving as a springboard. The role of the ego comes later as pushing and powerful to finalize the deed. As such, you excluded none and used both.

You can easily spot a soulful person by his playful attitude. Ego is serious, task-oriented and time constraint. The soul is joyful, enjoying and freedom-oriented. Adam Sandler  is one the world’s greatest comedians. He has no ego whatsoever. But more importantly, he is aware not to feed his dormant ego. His humble attitude is easily manifested whenever he meets people.

He is always relaxed and open to learn new tactics in his profession. Ego can’t live in an atmosphere of relaxation and joyfulness. But Adam insists on merging with the crowd and being humble in answering their questions. It is evident that the comedians are people devoid of ego and full of vitality.

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Thriving in today’s competitive world entails using judiciously your ego as well as you soul. Both are tools that got to be made use of by your awareness. Still, it is the ego that got to be attended to due to its unbridled manner.

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