Why Your Character Shouldn’t Be Overshadowed By Your Personality

Posted in Personal Branding On Nov 19, 2018

God has given us an authentic character but we make personality on top of it. The tragedy is that by time and because of society’s consistent conditioning, we mistake our personality for our character . Even worse, we forget who we really are. In order to run a watertight system, Society has indoctrinated you to abide by the system personally as well as organizationally.

The clash happens when you are a little bit awakened and decide to be yourself. Society has its scenario for you as it decides who you should be. But history tells us that society has its plans and vested interests. It works out a system in order to be in control of everything including man’s destiny.

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But God’s plan is entirely different. He created your core, your character, based on uniqueness. God has given you one face; that is your character; but society gave you another one: your personality. Society tells you how not to be yourself therefore it devises a build-in tool called ego. Your God has designed you to be yourself and go for the gold – digging to get to your core. God has given you something opposite to society; that is, your soul.

The awakened human being is the one capable of combining the two extremes and looking beyond them. The one I advise is the one that insists on being himself. While society bribes you for not being yourself, you should insist on being yours. You are not then against society, you will simply be setting your own boundaries in order to keep your soul intact. You must be aware that the personality that you wear is just a tool that can be used and other times can be taken off. You must be aware that you shouldn’t identify yourself with your masked personality but rather with your authentic character.

One of the striking examples of combining society’s bribes with God’s gift is the Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo. To nourish the ego of the individual, society uses prizes, honorary degrees and the like. Having the best European football player awards for 5 times, Ronaldo took this as an incentive to develop himself and strengthen his ego.

Still, Ronaldo's real character manifests itself when he made a courageous move to Juventus. He wasn’t complacent with being with Real Madrid  - the best club in the world in terms of titles and history. He challenged himself with moving to another great club but less popular than Real Madrid is. Ronaldo's move from Man United to Real Madrid then finally to Juventus indicates a character looking for making a difference and realizing its potentials.

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Your character is God’s gift to you while your personality is what you make. Having awareness of the necessity of mastering the two is key for your well-being.

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