How Being In A Dark Place Is A Blessing Not A Curse

Posted On Nov 15, 2018

Being in a dark place is a blessing that cannot be realized instantly. Upon reflecting on the toughest moments in your life where you hit rock bottom, what were your feelings back then? You may have a romantic relationship that proved to be a failure; a job that carries no chance for growth; a dream that seems unreachable. The question is: Can these moments of darkness be moments of inspiration and light? 

The moments of darkness are but an opportunity to chart a new path. The romantic relationship that failed you needs to be let go. Holding on to your previous patterns in terms of beliefs, jobs and relationships will no longer serve you. Consider the futility of fixing your stuff on a sinking ship. The ship is drowning but you shouldn’t be. Get back to land and get going.

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The new version of you is about to emerge. This new version needs to be nourished. It’s a defining moment  in terms of realizing your heart’s deepest desire. Your mind will have doubts while your heart is not. At this stage let your heart be your guidance. Believe that tomorrow holds better things. After fixing this faith move to your mind. Visualize how this tomorrow will be like. Your awareness is your master that decides when to use your heart and when to use your mind.

Man’s search for meaning is nicely depicted in a great novel written by Ernest Hemingway. In Hemingway’s masterpiece The Old Man and the Sea, the old sailor Santiago is someone who never stops believing. He had faith that one day he will catch the biggest fish in the sea. Other sailors mock him for such a fantasy but he never stops believing. He sums up his wisdom in life by saying: “Man can be destroyed but not defeated.” Surely, he can be defeated physically but his soul should not be liable to giving up or surrender.

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Santiago was buried in grief because he couldn’t catch a single fish for 84 days. But he was finally rewarded with being engaged with an all-out fight with Marlin – huge fish. Marlin got fatal wounds from Santiago who finally won the battle. Because of the blood that came out of Marlin, a huge shark comes in and takes a huge chunk of Marlin that amounts to 40 pounds. Other sharks follow and ate Marlin. Finally, Santiago took the skeleton of Marlin and left it on shore. He was defeated physically but he realized his dream.

When you are in a dark place remember it’s the beginning not the end. The beginning of a new life based on charting a different path other than the one that results in failure. Only then you will understand Santiago’s belief that “Man is not made for defeat.”

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