How Would Your Life Be Like When You Have Few Days To Live?

Posted On Dec 31, 2018

To Experience life as though you have long years to live is dangerous than thinking of dying at any second. It is dangerous because it creates complacency and postponement. Achieving your goals will be postponed so long as you imagine that life is stretching ahead. I can assure you that no action will be taken in such a state of mind. Even worse, the consequences of not taking actions will affect badly your loved ones.

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Shock treatment is an effective medicine for the complacent souls. It will suddenly give them clarity on what is needed most to be achieved in this short span of life. I’ve read once a story of husband and wife who went to a wise doctor asking for help because the wife couldn’t have a baby. After checking her pulse he said to her: “I can’t help you regarding your sterility because I found out that you will die in 40 days.”  When the woman heard this, she felt very sad and stopped eating for the following 40 days. She lost a great deal of her weight during that period.

Being surprised for still living after that period, the husband went to the doctor. Doctor shocked him by saying: “I knew she won’t eat in those 40 days. Now, she is ready to have a baby.” He went on; “Your wife was very obese and that affected her fertility. I knew that the only thing that will prevent her from eating is the fear of death. She is OK now.”  When you know that you have a very short time to live, a state of urgency becomes your state of mind where thinking and acting takes another dimension. You become more focused on achieving what really matters in you in life.

Our guest tonight is Rafael Nadal, a winner of a fiercely competitive 17 Grand Slam titles and one of the most popular sportsmen alive. Described by one of his opponents as: “Putting in so much intensity in every shot.” Nadal plays every shot as his last. He never thought of the next thing. He refers more than once that doubts strike him when he thinks of his next game. Though many consider him the best in the world, Nadal himself never believed it. He sums up his recipe for success in being humble.

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Let me get ahead of myself and ask: “what would I do when my doctor tells me that I have only 40 days to live?" How would it feel like when I have just 40 days to live starting from the first day of the year 2019? What is the most important goal I need to achieve within this time frame? Now what?

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