How The Seductive Power Of Hope Renders You Powerless

Posted On Apr 04, 2019

Hoping for the best without preparing for the worst prevents you from taking full responsibility of your actions. Hope in the future without preparation in the present can render us powerless. Failing to prepare and be in charge of your actions lead you to hope for a savior; a rescue. Instead of facing your problems, you repress them with the hope of being taken care of somehow, someday. The prison you want to get out of is of your own making. You wait for a savior and messiah to set you free. How can anybody set you free when you are simply the one who can get rid of his shackles? Failing to do that, a con man in the form of a politician will control your destiny and exploit your need for guidance. I know it’s a bitter pill to swallow so long as you seek refuge in your chains and hope for someone to redeem you.

The seeds of irresponsibility can be traced back to hundreds of years ago. I am not suggesting that we need to ruminate over the past, but rather to examine it once and for all. Because it is in the past that the seeds of bondage were planted. Those in charge want mob and crowd, not individuals. Those so called leaders know that the authentic and liberated individual is a rebellious and hard to be controlled. So they created beliefs and asked the crowd to follow them. Believing in their leaders, they followed them blindly without questioning. The tragedy is that the self-limiting beliefs that are indoctrinating in our psych are but the result of many years of programming.

Believing in your individuality and uniqueness is the panacea for being in charge of your life. That’s the only belief worth embracing and acting upon. You are neither superior nor inferior when compared with anyone, you are simply original. God never creates copies. You have your own path in life, find it. No one else is responsible for finding it on your behalf. You just need the courage to get going on this path and the courage to keep going no matter what obstacles face you. Faith in your individuality gives you courage to carve your own path. In the process, you will gain your own intelligence that is drawn from your own experiences. Only then can accountable human being be born and take charge of his destiny.

Failing to create your own path leads you to be led by a tyrant. Adolf Hitler  has succeeded in making his people believe in a lie. He himself believed that a belief is a mere lie repeated again and again and again. Only then will it be accepted as a fact. He publicized the lie that the Aryan race  is the Master race. Any other races are inferior. The mob mentality was easily influenced by the ‘follow me” merchant of hope. Hitler sold them the lie of being the Master and chosen race.

The likes of Hitler abound in every society and at all levels. Throughout Hitler’s regime, the Awakened few, those who have their own intelligence, were prosecuted and sent to death. Hitler hates such individuals who refused to be enchanted by his false hopes and expansionist dreams. Having no intelligence of their own, the crowd considered him their savior. They have unconsciously forsaken their power to a megalomaniac.

Taking responsibility of your actions gives you power over your life. All you need is to first have faith in your uniqueness and individuality. What follows is the courage to chart your own course and the tenacity to keep going.

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