How To Grow Bigger Than Your Problems

Posted On Mar 07, 2019

The drama we create around the challenges we face in our life is of our own making. Being attached to our emotions, we start seeing mountains out of molehills. If you keep on reading till the end of today’s blog, you will find that giving power to persons and events hardly grow us in our journey of becoming stronger and wiser. We unconsciously give power to the external world of persons and events to control and dominate us. Truth is: our problems are mere illusions created by our minds. To put them in proper perspective: the perceived problems are just challenges that need to be tackled through mining and using our untapped potentials.

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Shying away  from problems empower them over you. Doubting your ability to solve them make you ignoring them in the hope that they will fly away by time. You waste time looking around for a way to elude the problem rather than facing it. The unsolved problem corrupts your life just as a rotten piece of vegetable corrupts the other neighboring pieces in a plastic bag. You are definitely unaware of the consequences of keeping unsolved and irritating issue in your life. They grow bigger while you grow smaller.

Life challenges are but opportunities for those who have hearts to see. While the doubting mind makes up stories about challenges and calls them problems, your heart sees them for what they really are. They are opportunities that help you grow. Through the challenge, you look inside for your infinite power that is capable of finding solutions. Your heart encourages you to stay present and not to be swayed by the imaginary monster that is created by the visualization of your mind. Upon silencing your mind, a state of awareness will bring clarity and belief. Clarity of what needs to be done; belief in your unlimited and untapped potentials that will make you bigger than your problems.

As human beings, we feel humiliated when being rejected. But how it feels like when you are rejected by your parents the moment you are born? At his delivery, unable to see her new-born baby, the mother asked the doctor:” Is the baby all right?” the doctor answered:” Your son has neither arms nor legs.” While the father who sat beside her bed was shocked, she said to the doctor; “Take him away. I don’t want to touch him or see him.” That was the first moments of rejection our today’s leader faced. That one is Nick Vujicic. His faith in God helped him pass rejection and never to be defined by it.

As he grows older, his peers ridiculed him and called him a failure. In the face of this, he decided to make a choice: either to give up or to keep going. Upon choosing to keep going, a new world opens up in front of him. He realized that being disabled is an opportunity for him to help millions of people copes with their adversities. Such endurance managed him to be a best-selling author, a motivational speaker and a leader of a nonprofit organization. What sustains Nick is his faith in God. That faith was evident when he once said: “God does not make mistakes even though it’s hard to see how he is perfect when imperfect things happen.”

Facing the challenges in your life is the way to grow and evolve. You will be less haunted by their overestimated powers as you keep on empowering yourself and finding solutions. Inversely, ignoring challenges help them turn into problems that seem bigger than your ability to solve.

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