How The First Hour of Your Day is Your Finest

Posted On Oct 18, 2018

Creating a daily morning ritual sets the tone for the rest of the day. What you should be aiming at every single day is to start with a series of small wins that carry you forward. It is a sort of building up momentum that gets you motivated and inspired.  What drive us to these small wins are our deep-seeded fears. To cite but a very few: fear of change, fear of failure, of being ridiculed, even fear of the unknown. Such impeded fears are the source of our procrastination.

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The morning small wins act as a springboard towards having a good day. When practiced daily, these small wins become a success habit that will create a ripple effect on your life. But this needs patience on your part as human mind takes no less than 21 days to adjust to a life change. These small wins could be a 10-minute review of your goals; a 20-minute of a daily workout; feeling grateful of being alive; or performing your prayers.

To create momentum, your structured daily morning rituals must be integrated. These rituals must be divided evenly between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts. You can structure a daily morning routine for an hour. The first 15-minute is to be a physical ritual; having a refreshing shower that gets you motivated physically. The second 15 minutes could be visualizing mentally how your day will be run. The third 15 minutes will be devoted to being grateful for being alive. The fourth is performing prayers and meditations.

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The legendary Kung Fu Master Bruce Lee  attributed his success to practicing the habit of the daily morning rituals. When he was deeply hurt in his back and stayed in bed for months, he ran a series of articles about his favorite subject: martial arts. That experience taught him a lesson: using whatever resources one has to make his life meaningful and useful to others.

The resource Lee was talking about was a combination of inner as well as outer resources. For him, inner resources are far more important. The inner resources that got to be cultivated daily are everybody’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources. Upon exercising them daily a whole new world of opportunities will open up for you.

Developing a morning ritual is the way to build momentum and keep you motivated throughout the day. It’s your small completed tasks that trigger you to accomplish more productive and bigger tasks along your day.

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