Self-Honesty Is The Gateway To Your Evolution

Posted in Personal Branding On Dec 27, 2018

Parallel to chasing your dream, a considerate look at your reality is of value. The murky side of reality makes self-honesty all the more daunting. But self-honesty is a complex business that is tinged with subjective interpretations. Our internal dialogues initiated by our minds keep on rationalizing facts that need a conscious effort on our part.

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What truths your mind refuses to accept? Truth like leaving a toxic relationship that has proved to be detrimental to your well-being. Another truth might be shifting your career too often. A third is the frustration you run through most of the time. Looking for excuses and playing the role of victim won’t solve the problems mentioned.  Even worse, you will lapse into a defensive mechanism called denial.

Your personal growth directly linked to being honest with yourself. Self-honesty will lead you to acknowledge the discomforts in your life and deal with them directly. Putting an end to a toxic relationship, though hurtful in the short-term, is very liberating in the long run. Facing the truth about the constant shifting of your careers is not due to bullying of your managers but rather your unwillingness to develop yourself through developing new skills in such a changing world. Even your frustration has roots in your fears to take action and realize your potential.

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Self-honesty pushes you to accept the beauty of being vulnerable. That was one of the reasons behind the success of the most-watched talk show Dr. Phil. Since its debut in 2002, Philip Calvin McGraw, known as Dr. Phil, has helped many in tapping into the dark sides of their human nature. Through conducting quizzes, viewers have the chance to be more conscious of their imperfections. The show drives more viewers who want to get momentum in order to get going in their life.

Many guests have expressed discomfort of the questions being asked, but such discomfort is the beginning not the end. Accepting discomfort that comes naturally from getting into our dark spots in our psyche leads to the feeling of comfort. That feeling comes from piercing through the unconscious to find a solution.

Self-honesty helps you get real with yourself. It helps you accept your imperfections and deal with the root causes of you suffering. Upon mastering your feelings of restlessness you will come to the realization that conquering your discomfort is more rewarding than denying it.

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