Why Embracing The Duality Within You Can Widen Your Perspective

Posted On Jan 07, 2019

To believe that your five bodily senses are all that you have is to be on one side of the coin: one side of the duality. It is the same as your belief that your body is all there is. A third common belief propagated by many is that “seeing is believing”. But the other side of the coin is that there is one more insightful and spiritual six sense. Another side of the coin is that your body is not all there is. A third side of the same coin is that seeing is not believing; because you don’t see God but you believe he is there. So, not seeing is believing. Everything and everyone on this earth has such a duality within.

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Duality of all things in nature, including man, holds two conflicting truths. As human beings we hold within a duality. If you dig within, what can you see? Anger, envy, regret, sorrow, shame, greed, and the like. But there are also joy, love, peace, hope, kindness. Good and evil are within you. Both are hungry, both need to be fed. If you feed one at the expense of the other, it will take revenge. You have to accept this duality inside of you and never deny one and accept the other. Even the bad thing has its time and usefulness. Shame, for example, when accepted, can help you improve yourself and be a better version and so is other perceived evils.

Accepting the truth that the invisible has a priority over the visible is the first step towards your evolution. Being a spiritual being precedes being a human being. Believing that your intuition is prior to you intellect is key. The trick here is not to fall into the trap of “either-or” but rather to be aware of the beauty of “both-and.” Nothing to be discarded; even the seemingly evil thing has its merits. You can extract panacea from the poison of the snake. If you consider the snake as evil, why then you use it as a remedy.

One of best Oscar-nominated actors who excelled in Exploring duality is Edward Norton.  His breakthrough role was in the movie The Score. He plays two opposing personalities. One is a naive and disabled janitor in the building of The Montreal Customs House. The other personality is a scrappy young thief who provides inside information to a more professional thief, Robert De Niro , to help him rob a jewel from the Customs house Norton is working at.

Understanding the duality in ourselves gives us a wide perspective on life as a whole. Denying the dual nature inside us creates a split personality. While accepting the dual nature of life itself with its evil and good, day and night will lead us to go beyond evil and good where the healing power of awareness shines.

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