How to Harness The Power of Your Biological Search Engine

Posted On Apr 11, 2019

Our outer world is a manifestation of our inner world. This irrefutable law was invented 3000 years ago by Ancient Egyptian Mystery School. It was called the law of correspondence. We create on the outside what we think about deeply on the inside. The inner world is the cause, while the outer world is the effect. Our thinking patterns in our inside world is the cause that affects how our outer world looks like. There is nothing new under the sun since the beginning of time. But we keep on reinventing the wheel and come up with a new name and call it the law of attraction. It reiterates the same concept of the old school that our outside world is but a mirror and a reflection of our dominant thoughts in our inner world.

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As information keeps piling up, our thoughts go unchecked.  The long-held internal programming runs our life from generation to generation. It’s programming that is perpetuates scarcity, competition and sameness. Out of this soil we grow with beliefs and thoughts that produce mediocre and unfavorable results. Our belief of scarcity triggers negative thoughts that life is hard and there isn’t enough to go around. The external world in the form of the universe accepts your thoughts and works on giving you more of what you want. You want negativity, I will give you more of it. Thoughts, then, impact our feelings. We start feel insecure, anxious, and inadequate.

Gaining mastery over our thoughts changes our outer and inner worlds dramatically. The process starts with being aware of our patterns of thinking. Next, filter out the unnecessary information that won’t serve our goals. Astonishingly, our brains are naturally equipped with what is called Reticular Activating System (RAS). It is a bundle of nerves in our brains that takes what we focus on and creates filter for it. It sifts through the ocean of data and incidents in our life and presents to us what we is important. It’s your RAS that shapes your world. When you think of owning a specific thing, for example, and visualize it repeatedly, your RAS is being activated and shows you more of that specific thing.

Rhonda Byrne’s  ground-breaking book The Secret  uncovers the law that determines the complete order in the universe. The book revolves around the belief in the law of attraction. According to her, thoughts have frequency. As one thinks, those thoughts are sent out into the universe, and they magnetically attract like things that are on the same frequency. Whatever you send out will return to the source. That source is you.

Our brains are a human transmission tower more powerful than any television tower ever invented. The frequency we transmit through our thoughts transcends countries. Therefore, it’s better to think of what you want rather than what you don’t want. Capitalizing of the power of your RAS, your life can take a new level. Your RAS shows you opportunities relative to the quality of your thoughts and emotions. When you emotionalize your visualization of what you want, your RAS will filter through billions of pieces of data in order for you to see and hear what you dearly want.

What you want to manifest in your world is up to you. It matters less where you are now or what happened in your past, what truly matters is to master your thoughts. Such mastery starts with consciously choosing the thoughts that will help you achieve your goals with the help of Your RAS - your built-in biological search engine.

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